For those of you visiting my blog; this forum allows me to share with you my work and a little bit about myself and my life. It is a way for me to spread my love for capturing all things wonderful and beautiful and to reach out to you that follow my photographic journey.

My love for photography came around 10 years ago; upon seeking something to nurture my creative side. Photography for me posed a challenge; a challenge to learn, to grow, to explore, to have an expressive voice; and to reach out to people by not only creating a beautiful image but an emotive one at that; one that pulls on the heart strings, makes people laugh, makes people cry and most importantly makes people remember that specific moment in time. After the birth of my children; i began to realise the importance of capturing those little things in life that can so easily be forgotten or pushed aside to become a distant memory that fades. Time does not stand still; however by documenting it we can remember that precise moment and draw on those same emotions that were present on that day. When i look back on images that i have taken of my two girls as they grow older (boy does time fly!); i can still remember what happened at that exact time and the emotion that was felt. With us all living such busy lifestyles these days that prime opportunity to capture that special moment often gets pushed aside, hoping that we will remember.

Photography to me should be joyous, emotive, and genuine. I like to take the time to get to know my client’s and capture the connection that they share. In a session if i can encourage a couple to love more or make families appreciate each other a little more; all the while capturing this beauty, then my deeper photographic desire is achieved. I want the sessions to not only produce beautiful images for my clients to have for a lifetime or more but to mean something; a memory of being together. I like to shoot in natural environments that evoke feeling and entice the senses; the sight of the beautiful setting sun, the smell of the fresh ocean air, that moment of touch from your loved one/s that made the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.

Most importantly photography is my LOVE. I love creating images that resonate with people; images that show a deeper side to my clients. My aim is to capture people in the most loving, nurturing way possible; so each image is a true reflection of the individual. I work all of my images with the utmost respect and love and put my whole heart into creating these images; artistically, this is my way of giving a little something of myself back to you.

As so this is why i do what i do…..to reach out to all of you in the best way i know how.

Much Love…..

Nikki x


My gorgeous little fam bam captured by my partner in crime, Sandie Mallon.

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