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I never share enough black and white shots i take. I never step in front of the camera enough. I never really like to look at myself in photos. I never like to stand out in the crowd. I never like to be vulnerable…so here goes…..I am the person behind the camera; the one that you converse with via email, text or messaging, the one you meet when you turn up to your meetings and or sessions. The one that invests my whole self into my clients; who knows the importance of documenting life and what it feels like when you see those precious memories that you made the decision to capture. Im the one that shares in your joy, your family, your life your love; be it for a day documenting your wedding or that brief hour or so i spend with you during your portrait session…..this is me.

The other day i thought it about time that i at least shared a little of myself. I’m a dreamer, a believer, a lover, a romantic, i believe the best in people and i think with my heart not my head. I am my worst critic! Sometimes i feel my works not good enough, i could of done better, but then i realise that thats the most important thing about me. I’ll never be able to touch the stars if i don’t always strive to be better; to push my limits, or to keep dreaming. Thank goodness for my like minded friends in the industry who deal with my constant inner struggles. So for me each time i shoot i push myself that little bit further and harder….

I am seriously blessed with what i have been given in life and don’t take one day for granted (my biggest fear is what lies for me in the end). I am so lucky to be doing what i love, to be surrounded by so many amazing people in my life from my family, to my friends and i have two of the most beautiful girls inside and out who may also have a creative streak in their bodies; as they are the ones responsible for taking the photos you see below (not bad for a 5 and 6 year old!). I couldn’t love two little people any more than i do; my love for these two girls is limitless and these photos will probably be some of my most precious;  i got to see me through their eyes. Alani and Isla, I hope you always remember the love i have for you…..sorry John (thats my husband) you missed out on photo bombing the photos due to work and your constant commitment to us to nurture our hearts and souls.

So, i hope that all of those people out there; who like me have a list of NEVERs, get out there; do the things that you want to do that you’ve been scared to do for a while. Do the things you love, take a chance, squeeze your loved ones tighter and think of all of the good things there are in life. Spend some time doing what YOU want to do but have kept putting off as you simply don’t have time (for me it was this shoot which took a whole 15 minutes in the comfort of my own home).BE YOU as there is only one person like you in this world and embrace it!



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