Michelle + Jason Wed – Destination Australia

Oh boy! so when i started to put together this blog post, i didn’t think it would literally take me all night, However the love and commitment that Michelle and Jason not only share with each other; but also the styling of their beautiful day, saw me sitting through image after image trying to choose ones that shouldn’t make the cut as there were too many that i fell in love with…so a bit of a long post but it was justified!

OK, so lets go back to the beginning…..Michelle + Jason first contacted us not long out from their wedding day ( i think it was approximately 3 months), emailing us to set up a Skype interview. I thought it would be simple enough, as i am not completely computer illiterate and well i spend a great majority of my time on one. So one Tuesday afternoon, Sandie and i placed our bottoms comfortably in front of the computer waiting for that little Skype phone to ring! *bring bring* Hands were waving hello and mouths were moving- but alas! no sound from our end-oh oh! After several attempts of hanging up, retrying, checking the microphone, i then began to stress a little and i knew i was out of my element in anything technologically savy, aside for photoshop and blogging!

With quick thinking i thought the iPad would be easier; so a quick app download and we were in business….

Michelle + Jason were sitting in their cosy apartment in Canada full of enthusiasm and big smiles; you could just see they were so excited about their big day! Conversation flowed and we all hit it off with a bang! Michelle soon told us that she was an events planner based in Cananda *gulp*; followed by informing us that Jason was a photographer/videographer too; both being heavily involved in the wedding industry *gulp)*… pressure!! They had decided to marry in Australia where Jason lived and grew up; up until he moved to Canada 10 years ago.

Our  hour and a bit conversation was full of laughter and getting to know each other; which in fact, really seemed like we had been friends for ages! We just clicked…..

So with Michelle’s endless ideas and planning all the way over in Canada, and entourage of her best friends in the industry and a long flight, it all came down to January 10, 2015. On a very hot summers day, at a mansion in Landsdale; these two were to become husband and wife! The Armani Suit was ready, the Monique Lhuillier gown was hung, Carrie’s Manolo Blahnik’s from Sex and the City were waiting for Michelle’s perfectly pedicured feet and the guests were waiting for that first peek at the stunning dining room!

The house was prepped and styled in the most sophisticated way that it took our breath away as we entered. Complete with lavish florals, sequins, gold and all its finery; it was a photographers dream. Not to mention THAT Kim and Kanye flower wall that we so named! They shared a first look, followed by their location photos before saying their i dos in front of close friends and family, which then took them into a night of partying and many a selfie stick photo….

So to the new Mr + Mrs Ho….you are the most adorable couple, the most down to earth people, and two beautiful souls that we wish a lifetime of love, health and happiness….

Much Love Nicole + Sandie x

Ps- they videoed their whole wedding……thats talent….and totally CRAY CRAY *lol*….can’t wait to see the video
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