Alani turns 5 with a trip to Neverland…

This is a personal blog post; as we celebrated my beautiful daughter, Alani, turning 5 on the weekend. I keep asking myself ” where on earth has the time gone”. We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful and caring little lady and for all of her hard work this year at school, dancing and all the other little things she does to make us smile, we threw her a Neverland party. After all i would describe my gorgeous girl as a “the daydreamer” so the possibility of Neverland actually existing is so close in her little world- innocent and free. When in the planning process i kept asking myself “yikes what am i going to do” and a little lightbulb went off in my head; i automatically contacted Dream a little dream children’s parties, who i happened to meet on a shoot earlier this year. Their work is amazing and they approached Alani’s party with such enthusiasm and were complete and utter professionals; i can’t recommend them highly enough! They also helped me through the planning process.

Alani had the most amazing day with all of her family and friends and it was absolutely wonderful to see the smile on everyone’s faces! I would like to thank everyone for coming along and the effort that was put in as you all helped make happy memories for Alani which is the most important thing!!

We love you all!!!


I just want to shout out the awesome small independent businesses that made this day so special-

First and foremost as mentioned – dream a little dream (your guys are complete dream makers)

Check out that cake! – Baked Beauties (OMG it was delish)

mmm did someone say cookies?- Charming Treats (the awesome Katie delivers beyond expectation each and every time)

i am obsessed with chalkboards at the minute – ChalkArt Magic (your rock my world- you will get sick of us)

my girl bridgey for making Alani’s awesome preserved flower A which proudly sits in her room now- Poppy & Willow Bloom Stylist

fairy floss rainbow candles (say what?! i know right?! they smell devine!)- by one of my uber talented besties, G- Soy Blooms

to die for fairy wings- Arabella’s Vintage Wardrobe

and lastly the super talented, kids just swarm to her- Fantasy faces by Kylie (THE face painter to have – what an artist!)
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The children’s dream makers……
2014-12-08_0011                                                                                                                                                                  DREAM A LITTLE DREAM CHILDREN”S PARTIES

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