Savanna Turns the big ONE!

Recently i had the pleasure of photographing Savanna’s beautifully styled birthday at Chapel Farm in Middle Swan. The day could not have been more perfect for the little birthday girl- perfect weather, cuddly animals and a stunningly gorgeous setup which displayed how much time and effort her loving parents had put in to celebrate Savanna’s big milestone of turning ONE! I hope you had a super day Savanna and you look back on these memories in many years to come. It was great to be a part of your special day!

PS- i am so in love with the miniature pig….does someone want to get me one?

Styling by Kerri Mackintosh (who just happens to be an AMAZing photographer :O))

Venue Chapel Farm

Chalkboards by Chalk art magic

Candy Buffet by Sweet tables by Chelle

Cake by Custom Cake Designs

Balloon Art by Balloon Artistry by Aaron Smyth2014-09-10_00672014-09-10_00102014-09-10_00292014-09-10_00582014-09-10_00112014-09-10_00122014-09-10_00142014-09-10_00212014-09-10_00132014-09-10_0001 2014-09-10_0002 2014-09-10_0003 2014-09-10_0004 2014-09-10_0005 2014-09-10_0006 2014-09-10_0007 2014-09-10_00082014-09-10_00432014-09-10_0027 2014-09-10_0015 2014-09-10_0016 2014-09-10_00172014-09-10_00452014-09-10_00222014-09-10_00262014-09-10_0019 2014-09-10_0023 2014-09-10_0024 2014-09-10_0025 2014-09-10_0030 2014-09-10_0031 2014-09-10_0032 2014-09-10_0034 2014-09-10_0035 2014-09-10_0036 2014-09-10_0037 2014-09-10_00382014-09-10_0048 2014-09-10_0039 2014-09-10_00442014-09-10_00402014-09-10_00512014-09-10_0047 2014-09-10_00462014-09-10_00422014-09-10_0050 2014-09-10_0049 2014-09-10_0052 2014-09-10_00542014-09-10_0053 2014-09-10_0055 2014-09-10_0057 2014-09-10_0059 2014-09-10_0061 2014-09-10_0062 2014-09-10_00632014-09-10_0066 2014-09-10_00652014-09-10_0056

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