Miss Bliss & Co.

The beautiful Cathy from Miss Bliss & Co. has done it again with a simply elegant range of accessories. When i opened up this little parcel; i just gasped! With gorgeous pearls, feathers and rhinestones; these gorgeous pieces will set-off any little girls outfit; exuding elegance and beauty!

I teamed Cathy’s creations with glamourous tulle dresses from the lovely Ellen from La Petite Carla.2014-07-08_0025 2014-07-08_0026 2014-07-08_0027 2014-07-08_00282014-07-08_0030 2014-07-08_0029 2014-07-08_0031 2014-07-08_00442014-07-08_00402014-07-08_0035 2014-07-08_0034 2014-07-08_00362014-07-08_00422014-07-08_0043 2014-07-08_00392014-07-08_00382014-07-08_00332014-07-08_00372014-07-08_0045

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