Kristy, Chase & Brax

Kristy was the second recipient of my “pay it forward” competition held back in December. She was nominated by her gorgeous sister, Tania, who i have previously had the pleasure of photographing. After having a couple of tough few years, and losing most pictures of her sons, Tania thought it was time her sister had some good luck; thus contacted me with a heartfelt plea for her sister to win the competition…..

We headed out on a late afternoon to capture the beautiful light in an open space for the boys to run around and enjoy the fresh air….

Here are the gorgeous images from Kristy’s session.

I hope all the luck comes your way Kristy; you’re a gorgeous girl!

Much Love N x2014-04-25_0001 2014-04-25_0003 2014-04-25_0004 2014-04-25_00052014-04-25_00182014-04-25_0006 2014-04-25_0007 2014-04-25_0008 2014-04-25_0009 2014-04-25_0010 2014-04-25_0011 2014-04-25_0012 2014-04-25_0013 2014-04-25_0014 2014-04-25_0015 2014-04-25_0016 2014-04-25_0017 2014-04-25_0019

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