Two beautiful little Souls- A Personal Blog Post

Hi guys,I hope you have had a great start to the week thus far; i thought i would take this time to share a little post that makes me all squishy feeling inside with pure delight and love. I don’t usually share much of my girls on my business page choosing to keep them all to myself; but i thought i would share this little blog post about two little girls that are my absolute world! When i am not behind the computer editing away or meeting all of my lovely clients; i am a mummy to these two beautiful girls, Alani (3) and Isla (2).

I took them out to Fairbridge, Pinjarra and found a nice little spot with some natural untouched beauty on a less than perfect day for photographers but none-the-less perfect in every way for me. Alani had been bothering me for weeks to wear her new pretty dress and pose til her heart was content in front of the camera while my more brooding and deep daughter, Isla needed a little more encouragement (in the form of chocolate).

I love my little beauties to the moon and back and to infinity and beyond!

N x


  1. Bridget Savage

    These photos are just gorgeous Nicole!! Your two girls are so beautiful! You have such an amazing and loving little family!! Xxx

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