Sarah & Gavin – A Cornish Wedding

So, i couldnt wait to blog this post as not only did i travel a fair few thousand miles to photograph this wedding but it also happened to be two absolutely gorgeous people with impeccable style! I would describe Sarah as a true lady – poised and elegant with a penchant for all things vintage and lovely. She found her perfect match in Gav, who has a very reserved nature and could be described as Sarah’s Mr Darcy! Both, originally from the UK, Gav from Southhampton and Sarah growing up in Cornwall, these two met when they moved to Cardiff to pursue their respective career paths. When Gav decided to move to Australia with his family; Sarah made the decision to stay in the UK where her heart lay. On a trip back to the UK, Gav organised to meet with Sarah again, and i must say, Gav must have really made an impression; as this time Sarah soon followed Gav to Australia. On May 25, 2013 Sarah’s gamble well and truly paid off when she wed Gav, her soulmate, back in the UK, sealing their bond and union in front of friends and family and of course little ol’ me. It was the most delightful, breathtaking display of love, family, and commitment.

I had an absolutely wonderful time and fun journey along with my gorgeous friend, kerry. We caught 10 flights in 10 days (is that a record?), roamed around the farm country, visited a few too many pubs and tried the local delicacies (i had to have a pasty while i was there-they are world famous!).

I would like to say a huge thankyou to Sarah & Gav for entrusting me to capture their special memories and a little shout out to Janet and Richard who have the bed and breakfast we stayed in, in the tiny village of Polmassick- you guys rocked and the breakfast was the best!!

Much Love N x

One comment

  1. Beryl

    Amazing photos…I love the natural shots of the bridal party…great photos of the lovely couple, captured in a beautiful setting.

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