Katie & Brent – Engagement Party (Part One)

On the Australia Day long weekend we met the newly engaged and HOT couple of Katie & Brent.

Katie & Brent had planned their engagement party complete with the WORKS and had thought of every last detail baring a little something of themselves and sharing their love story through the design and essence of the day. Now; first and foremost i must say, Katie’s eye for detail and style is right up my alley with everything so romantic, D.I.Y and just breathtaking; should i let you in on her secret?

Well Katie is the brains and the beauty behind Katie Cooper Floral Design specialising in event styling and you can see why this lady is so good at what she does! From the fresh blooms to the retro touches everything was just a visionary treat!

In the comfort of the family home, guests took in the beauty of the surroundings taking in every little detail and sharing in this joyous occasion. With the food and drink flowing freely and the smiles infectious, Katie and Brent along with their little boy Beau, had different plans for the days events, and chose to keep a little secret amongst a select few…..sneeky things that they are!

to be cont’d………………

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