Bridget & Tom – Engaged

So; usually i am not a great early riser; i usually hop out of bed to the words “mum”, “mum” and eventually “MUM!!!” with my daughters screaming at the top of their lungs. However i couldn’t miss the opportunity to rise early at 6 and head into the ever so beautiful Fremantle to meet one of my soon to be married couples, Bridget and Tom.

Our first little jaunt saw us having coffee and breakfast at the quirky and aesthetically funky Moore & Moore Cafe (well i must admit-i didnt eat as it was too early for my tummy in the morning); where we relaxed in the surroundings and i got to know these two cool love birds and found a somewhat goofy side which i must say was absolutely refreshing and just added to Bridget and Tom’s already beautiful exterior. They both have such a down to earth, natural personality; it made my job so much easier. Next was a casual ride down the streets on the oober cool current vintage bike which Bridget and Tom bought along with them. I made sure Bridget re-lived her childhood by getting Tom to dinky her on the handlebars; it proving most amusing for me to see these two have a laugh and try to hang on for dear life! Last but not least we visited the iconic Elizabeth’s Secondhand Bookstore; which for those of you who know Fremantle, you cannot go by a visit to see its treasures and take in the smell of the vintage books and eclectic tastes.

With such a pleasurable morning spent photographing these two; i cannot only image what Bridget has in store for her wedding.

I hope you love these guys….they are amongst my favourites and thankyou for the opportunity to explore your love with you and capture it in a way that hopefully conveys who you are as a couple.

Love N x

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