Kerry & Jason Beloved Session

Through always trying to improve and strive to convey my feelings through photography; this year i stumbled upon a movement within photography; known as BELOVED. I am absolutely in love with this concept as it sums up me perfectly in what i am all about and what i would like my photos to convey. This year; i feel i have grown as a photographer more so than any other year; and feel a lot more comfortable in who i am in this profession and what i would like my clients to know about me. I am a little bit of a perfectionist to say the least; and for me to wholly accept this year that not every image is perfect; and in fact some of those unplanned images are the best and most raw, was a big feat/realisation for me. My aim no longer became about that “perfect” image but what i could convey to you to show the beauty and power of raw, honest and heartfelt emotion through the camera; whether this be through a couple, family, parent to child. I want you to see the beauty that i see when i turn up on a shoot; i want you to feel the connection that you share and bring it to the forefront; and i want you to be able to reflect on these images in years to come and not only remember the click of the shutter, but the moments you experienced in between.

Thus, with a new year fast approaching; i intend to further study and develop this skill to create HONEST and beautiful images; so stay tuned…….

As 2012 is drawing to a close and with only a few shoots left; i am looking forward to the possibilities of next year and for all of you sharing my journey; i sincerely thankyou from the bottom of my heart for sharing, liking, appreciating and commenting on my work.


Now if you have stuck with me to this point of the blog; you are able to meet the beautiful Kerry & Jason whom i met at the C’Y’O Connor beach in Fremantle for a little lovey dovey shoot. This one would have to be one of my favourites as i love the emotion, simplicity and that nothing is distracting in the image from these 2 gorgeous people in love. Oh! Except for little Turk; their cute companion that is! x

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