Homan Family

So today i’ve had a tough day! Juggling quality family time and running a business sure wears me down and often makes me question the importance of things in my life.

My business allows me to provide a creative outlet for all the ideas that bounce around in my head and it allows me to hopefully show to you all; how beautiful each and every one of you are. I also started this business to be able to spend quality time with my 2 daughters as they grew up; i wanted to be able to pick them up from school, help them with their homework, support them in any way i could, help provide for the family and also show them that they can do whatever they set their minds to. Along with these 2 gorgeous girls of mine; i have a husband who i equally ADORE with whom i created this little family. I would like to think my family is unbreakable and the bond we share is so strong that whatever is thrown at us we can overcome; as i’m sure you all do. FAMILY is so important to me and sometimes it is good just to step back and reflect and see what you really have right there in front of you; I LOVE THEM TO PIECES! So regardless of the sleep deprivation due to working til 2am in the morning most nights or the tears that come frequently of exhaustion….it allows me to spend the days with my loved ones and my work begins at night when those 2 sweet little souls are tucked up in bed!

Bringing me to this absolutely ADORABLE family which i have finished tonight. I had such pleasure shooting & editing these photos as Erin, Jamie and Zac are THE cutest family unit. I felt their love for their little man and each other was clearly evident and it made my job a lot easier….my heart just smiles when i look back at these!

So to Erin, Jamie & Zac, never forget that bond you have, never forget that love you share, and never forget you have each other!

P.S- Zac helped me take the pictures of his Mummy & Daddy; guys if he grows up to be a world renowned photog….i want credit LOL x

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