So; when i fell pregnant with my first born; i always thought it would be great to have twins; the reason being, i only wanted to have 2 children and it would be over and done with in the 1 painful but beautiful experience. My thoughts soon changed realising the demands from one sole little person, my first born daughter. I developed a new found respect and admiration for those people who had experienced a multiple birth.

Meet Kylie. Kylie has 2 beautiful little daughters, Emily and Ruby and this year was blessed with the result of a twin pregnancy. I use the word “blessed”, i think Kylie used the work “shocked” to me. Kylie is pregnant with a little girl and a little boy; both happily co-existing in that beautiful belly of hers. With now less than 5 weeks to go, Kylie and her hubby, Chris, will go from being a family of 4 to a family of 6! Not only is this a big deal for the year; but also another milestone is celebrated, with Chris turning the big 4-0. Thus Kylie had these portraits done as a present for him; his birthday is in October….so shhhh! don’t tell!

It was an beautiful experience to be able to capture Kylie’s belly; I absolutely loved this shoot…

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