Introducing Three Anjewels….a collaborative effort

At a recent charity event; i was able to meet some amazingly talented and wonderful Perth women who all brought something different to the table that showcased their efforts while helping a good cause. And with that; i met the gorgeous Dianna, founder and creator of the then titled “All Glitz & Glam” producing fabulous jewellery for all occasions. I had previously stumbled upon this page on facebook and had often oogled the goodies there was on offer never thinking i would come across the wonderful creator.

Meeting Dianna in person, we had chatted about her “baby” (being her jewellery business) and where she was intending to head with it in the next chapter that was about to start. Dianna had been operating “All Glitz & Glam” successfully for 10 years accessorising some of the well known fashion stores such as body and soul in their ad campaigns as well as having her creations seen on many a tv personality, bride, and everyday person.

With the next chapter in Dianna’s jewellery, the aim was to relaunch herself and her business under the new name “Three Anjewels”, starting with a bang and showcase her beautifully stunning OOAK pieces she was offering. Dianna offers bespoke designs with all pieces being handmade by Dianna herself and boasting loads of attitude, grace, style and finish to any outfit whether it be a bold statement or subtle beauty. Thus, this is where my challenge came in. To showcase these beautiful pieces in a light that conveys to you just how beautiful they are in real life (and yes they are gorgeous!). So Dianna’s baby became my baby too! I am so proud of these images and i was right in my element photographing these pieces to do them justice.

Hence; i am presenting you with the newly titled “Three Anjewels- Bespoke Designs”. If you have not checked them out then i plead you to do so; unless, that is, you do not want to get lured in to the many delights you may find to accessorise your next outfit. The webpage can be found at to see a sneak peek and you can also check out the facebook page at

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