Talking Fashion on a Friday Night

Just a quick blog on something a little different i was involved in recently which saw me minus kids and out on a Friday night at the trendy wine bar of FIVE in Mt Lawley. Oh ! how those days of out gallivanting have gone but it was nice to get out and enjoy some great company as well as be involved in a little interview the lovely Belinda Cipriano (journalist) was conducting with Westfield Insider, Alyce Cowell. Belinda was in her element talking fashion and getting the inside scoop on trends and Alyce’s role as a fashion writer, stylist and blogger. I tell you, Alyce must have one of the best jobs in the world which sees her shopping and blogging for a living! I have had the pleasure of meeting journalist and fashion/food enthusiast, Belinda on numerous occasions and it was an absolute pleasure to see her in this forum. You can catch Belinda’s article in the next issue of WA’s  Sheila Magazine which is packed with plenty of inspirational fashion, beauty, lifestyle and cooking tips…right up my alley!

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