Amani Candy Couture Stylised

Well, i have been dying to share this post with you all; as it was a shoot that stemmed from an idea in my little mind to do something different with the lovely Emily from Amani Candy Couture. With my love of fashion, food and photography combined, i came up with the idea to take the buffet queen out of her usual surroundings of parties and events to the quiet tranquility of the bush to showcase her stunning work. My aim was to give to you not only the delights of candy couture but to show you the face behind the business.

An immense amount of time and effort goes into making these buffets to give her clients something awe inspiring and wonderful for their special occasion and with this little shoot; she even got to enjoy some of the fruits of her own labour. Dressed in eloquent vintage attire,and surrounded by plumes of pink, cream and apricot, the girls sipped on tea while relishing their surroundings and nibbling on cupcakes, tarts and mini strawberry meringues.

Not only is Emily a successful business woman but also a mother to 2 gorgeous children, with her little daughter Amani (the namesake behind the business) joining in on the shoot too. Continuing with the family theme; we even encouraged Emily’s sister, the lovely Giorgia to join in. With a gorgeous family affair, perfect overcast photographic weather and afternoon delights, i thoroughly enjoyed my time with these wonderful ladies and i hope you enjoy browsing through this vintage inspired afternoon tea.

Special mention has to go to Buds and Berries for the beautiful floral arrangements, they were simply stunning and a massive shout out to Emily’s mum, Ivana, who not only helped set-up but also distracted Amani long enough so we could get some pics of the cupcakes….and, yes! i did take some home; and they were delicious!

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